UL Listing for SoundTube RS and HP Models

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SoundTube RS62 Pendant Speaker News image

News from SoundTube today;

We’re pleased to announce that SoundTube’s RS42-EZ, RS62-EZ, RS82-EZ and HP82-EZ pendant speakers are now UL listed in both the USA and Canada.

The UL1480 (UEAY) listing confirms the products’ ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions and further assures the products will not catch fire or otherwise cause harm in the event of improper installation.

Obtaining a listing from Underwriters Laboratories is a difficult, complicated process, which is why so many companies simply say they ‘meet UL requirements’. However saying you meet requirements is not the same thing as undergoing the testing and obtaining the listing. At SoundTube, we are committed to the safety of our products as well as to their superior sound and ease of installation.