Sound Directions host Key Presentation at ISCEx 2018

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Hanieh Motamedian, Business Development Manager for Sound Directions was honoured to be invited to present one of the key seminars at the recent ISCEx 2108 exhibition and seminar day at Coombe Abbey on Wednesday 7th March 2018.

ISCEx 2018 is a one day manufacturers and distributors exhibition organised by the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers. Open to members and non-members of the Institute this one-day event features three key presentations in a seminar format.

“I was excited (and nervous) to be invited by the ISCE to present at ISCEx 2018”

“We agreed it would be really worthwhile to present our findings from working in workplace environments and how they can be improved with the use of sound masking systems to improve staff well being, employee confidence and productivity and in the examples of healthcare, offer benefits to patient recovery”, comments Hanieh Motamedian.

The presentation room at ISCEx was packed with leading industry audio consultants and system design professionals, which meant Hanieh’s presentation had to be technically on-point.

“Fortunately Sound Directions is one of the UK’s leading experts in sound masking system design and over a number of years we have gained considerable experience in designing and implementing sound masking solutions in commercial environments and also recognising the benefits sound masking provides”.

ISCEx-2018-Audience“We have provided sound masking system designs for large global organisations as well as private companies and healthcare practices which has allowed us to collect data for real-life benefits provided by careful and correct implementation of sound masking systems in commercial work spaces”, adds Motamedian.

“Sound Directions has also been working with HPNoSS, The Hospital Project on Noise, Sound and Sleep, a collaborative project between King’s College London and the University of the Arts, London, to gain better insights into the effects of noise levels upon patient recovery.

“The presentation at ISCEx 2018 was very well received and feedback from ISCE members has been encouraging”, summarises Motamedian.

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