How Can Corporate Acoustic Environments be improved?

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We take good-quality sound pretty much for granted wherever we go. We typically only notice sound when it’s bad – poor PA announcements, for example, or intrusive noise in a working environment.

Ensuring good-quality sound in the corporate environment has, however, not become easier over the years as row upon row of box-like offices and meeting rooms have given way to open spaces, informal huddle rooms and visually imaginative public areas.

“We often visit corporate environments where acoustic considerations are taken into account too late or at the end of a project,” notes Hanieh Motamedian, business development manager at audio systems distributor Sound Directions. “This appears to occur often in open-plan office environments, where several different departments within an organisation might be sharing the same spaces.

“As an example,” she goes on, “imagine a team of software engineers, developing and writing code, sharing work space with telesales or customer services teams working within the same company. Of course, any telephone conversations will become a distraction to the software engineers.

“Also,” Motamedian continues, “imagine a glass boardroom or meeting room amidst an open-plan office environment. It is likely that any conversations, potentially confidential or private, taking place within the boardroom or meeting room will spill out into the open-plan office for colleagues to hear. In these situations, confidentially and privacy are compromised; staff confidence is also compromised.

“Both examples represent situations which do occur if acoustic environments are not considered at an early stage,” she concludes.

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