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Fulcrum Acoustic in Las Vegas

Fulcrum’s Prophile series has been named as one of the “World’s 5 Best Sound Systems for EDM (Electronic Dance Music)”.

Sound systems are essential to the dance music experience. Though clearly a science, audio engineering and invention is also a form of art. Many of us are driven by a passion for sound, as the reality that we hear in sound unites us at nightclubs and festivals around the world. Several significant factors are involved in the installation and customization process, including how individual venues should be acoustically treated by speaker placement, which components produce which frequencies, high fidelity and transparency, and most importantly, when the sound will hit the crowd.

Founded in 2008 by audiophile Dave Gunness, Fulcrum Acoustic manufactures audio ingenuity for the hottest nightclubs in Vegas, LA and Singapore.

As Dave Gunness stated in an interview, “There’s an awful lot of art in speaker design. It isn’t a purely technical pursuit.”

The complex understanding of how loudspeaker systems are designed and built is extensively detailed, and it is important to be familiar with the top sound systems that are dedicated to delivering quality sound at top nightclubs around the world.

“You know, in a Las Vegas nightclub you have just an insane amount of low frequency capability,” Gunness stated, talking about bass tones. “Sometimes ten double 21-inch subwoofers all concentrated on a dance floor that’s only 20 by 30 feet — and that’s capable of deflating your lungs practically. You feel like you stepped under water when it comes on.”

A number of nightclubs in Las Vegas use Fulcrum Acoustic systems including XS Las Vegas, Surrender Las Vegas, Light Las Vegas, Bardot Hollywood, and more.

A lot of the Fulcrum Systems installed in Las Vegas are designed and installed by John Lyons Systems of Hollywood, regularly overcoming common speaker limitations by advanced digital signal processing (DSP) components.

But John Lyons regularly installs audio systems for high-end venues using Fulcrum speakers because they can handle them.

“Picture a set of headphones or a really great living room stereo system,” Lyons conjured. “To be able to have that audio experience but on the dance floor with 1,500 people, it’s a visceral experience and it really is one of those things that causes people in a nightclub to be able to lose themselves.”

Lyons has been the conduit between Fulcrum in Whitinsville and Light in Vegas. Lyons relies on the Massachusetts-made speakers and confirmed that speaker designers are the rock stars of the professional audio world.

But he compares Gunness to a more sublime character, “I would say he’s more of a Yoda,” Lyons mused, adding that the engineers at Fulcrum can adapt to any audio situation. Their speakers are also used in professional recording studios and on tour.

The Goal: Being Invisible

Joan Baez’s live tour engineer Jason Raboin, stopped by Fulcrum Acoustic earlier this month to pick up speaker monitors for the folk icon’s upcoming tour. He’s the guy at the mixing board and is really into the fact that Fulcrum is a local company.

“I live about an hour from here,” Raboin explained. “And they’re made here by people who care about how things turn out. And they’re not shipped in on a pallet from Asia. And on top of that, they sound amazing. They make my job easier.”

And they also make it invisible. Fulcrum audio engineer Rich Frembes says that’s the goal: The audience shouldn’t notice the speakers unless something goes wrong.

“Well there’s an old adage — and certainly in pro audio — that you only really know you did a good job when almost nobody comes up and says anything to you. If you remain invisible you’ve done a really good job,” Frembes said.

And it seems that’s the way the self-described Fulcrum audio geeks in the quiet town of Whitinsville like it.

Fulcrum components are designed for various spaces to complement a venue’s architectural style all while providing unmatched clarity, even in the smallest enclosures.