Directional Sound – A Great ROI for Digital Signage Installations

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Digital Signage Directional Sound

Panphonics, considered to be directional audio experts, can demonstrate how effective sound transforms the ROI of digital signage installations.

“Making a solid business case for new digital signage installations is a big issue within the whole value chain. Increasing customer attention is imperative to success, especially in advertising driven projects.

Many of Panphonics’ existing customers are able to offer advertising space at a premium where directional audio captures audience attention and holds it for longer compared with installations without audio,” commented Kari Mettala, CEO at Panphonics.

“Implementing directional audio into digital signage installations creates a 10-fold increase in awareness of the messaging, leading to added value for audio advertisements, thus increasing ROI for all parties.”

He continued, “Panphonics’ key strength is our highly directional audio technology, which focuses sound where and when it is needed without disturbing other passers-by or customers and is a hugely effective way of reinforcing on-screen messages.”

The Attention BoosterTM solution is designed to grab customer attention by naturally forcing customers to focus on specific audio information, not on ambient noise in the same space. In addition the Story TellerTM system, designed for museum or exhibition areas, enables clear delivery of audio contents even when multiple audio contents are in close proximity.

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