Digitavia choose SoundTube IP Dante® speakers for Deliveroo

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SoundTube-IPD-CM52S-BGM-WH-Dante-Speaker-ImageHaving recently moved into new UK headquarters for its 700+ employees in Cannon Street, London, Deliveroo called upon the expertise of AV integrator Digitavia for its AV solutions.

This is after all no ordinary workplace, combining the latest in tech to deliver high-performance and user friendly technology experiences for staff in boardrooms, meeting rooms and agile open plan workspaces.

 There is no end to the technology deployed at Deliveroo by Digitavia, as an example each department has its own screen to display content of its choosing from live TV to presentations. A considered approach has been adopted for connectivity and control enabling Deliveroo staff to easily make content changes to screens in their departments.

 As such a zonal audio approach was requested by Deliveroo which was achieved dividing the space into nine separate audio zones, using a bespoke virtual control panel to provide user control with audio being delivered to newly installed IP Dante loudspeakers from SoundTube.

 “Deliveroo staff have the option of routing the main audio feed from the Town Hall area of the building out to these zones, resulting in a large voice reinforcement system for companywide meetings,” says Mike Windebank from Digitavia.

 “We have created a bespoke virtual control panel, logged into via IP, to give user control over the zones and what’s played”, continues Windebank.

 SoundTube’s Dante® enabled IP loudspeaker series provide the convenience of Dante® control and management, enabling 40 watts of audio and power to be delivered via a single cat 5/6 cable. Each loudspeaker is individually addressable and self-monitoring. Set up and management is achieved via software so zoning and control is achieved very easily without the need to re-wire.


 “Digitavia recently deployed Soundtube IP Dante loudspeakers in one of the first projects in the UK to utilise the new loudspeakers from SoundTube with on-board Dante”, comments Stanislas Boivin-Champeaux, Managing Director for Sound Directions, Chessington based UK distributor for SoundTube.

 “With the current trend of open-plan, agile workspaces, the SoundTube IP Dante loudspeakers provide simple, elegant and fully flexible solutions, offering limitless numbers of audio zones, using existing Cat 5 or 6 infrastructure they reduce installation costs/time and are powered over PoE using the correct switches”, continues Boivin-Champeaux.

 “Using Dante, the SoundTube loudspeakers offer individual level control, individual equalisation and allow recall of presets, without the need to create complex networks”, continues Boivin-Champeaux.

 “This flexibility fits exactly with the brief from Deliveroo and enabled Digitavia to provide an entirely flexible and future-proof solution that is scalable, should it be required to expand in the future”, concludes Boivin-Champeaux.

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