CrystalVox DS2 Loudspeaker – Perfect for the spoken word

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The CrystalVox DS2 uses 2 planar drivers to combine sound dispersion control and low harmonic distortion to achieve perfect speech intelligibility and clarity in public spaces that become busy and noisy.

High frequencies from CrystalVox DS2 are delivered with strong directivity and detail, which attracts and draws listeners to any audio messages being delivered.

The new proprietary planar loudspeaker,  available exclusively in the UK from Sound Directions, can be used in humid, condensing, outdoor and noisy environments and due to its extremely high efficiency can be driven by amplifiers with very low power output ratings, reducing its impact on the environment. 

The loudspeaker is robust in its construction and the protective grille allows the speaker to installed at ear level, within reach of the public, if required  without the fear of degradation, destruction or theft.

perfect speech intelligibility and clarity

 Stanislas Boivin-Champeaux from Sound Directions comments, ‘The CrystalVox DS2 is a perfect  choice for exhibitions, ticketing offices, conference booths etc. Audio delivered from the DS2 loudspeaker is crystal sharp and when the spoken word is played it literally feels like the person speaking is sat right next to you, whispering in your ear’.

Located in Chessington, Surrey, Sound Directions is an exclusive distributor for a number of prestigious brand partners including Ashly, Auvitran, CrystalVox, MystSystems, Soft dB and SoundTube. 

Specialising in directional sound, sound masking and audio-visual system design Sound Directions supports trade customers with expert product advice in these sometimes complex areas.

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