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Directional SoundTube Speaker

British retail supermarket giant Asda has been using the SoundTube range of pendant loudspeakers in store since June 2000, installing SoundTubes in the in-store audio-visual departments for high-quality audio playback of movie trailers.

Now Asda is installing SoundTube BroadBeam dispersion loudspeakers in stores for paging announcements for customers and staff in addition to background music playback.

A spokesman for Asda reports that ‘the musical atmosphere in-store has improved and customer announcements are now clear and easy to follow’.

Andy Eastbury, systems integrator for Asda commented ‘due to the simplification of the installation processes of the SoundTube product over previously specified loudspeakers it has been possible to achieve installation time reductions, increase client satisfaction and stay within budget restrictions all at the same time, thanks to the clever design of the SoundTube products’.

So far 18 Asda stores are committed to changing over to SoundTube products completely in-store with more to follow, so the next time you find yourself wandering around the supermarket aisles, listen out for the SoundTube sound.